Hi! We are the Freelance Malaysia team…

We’re a very small team of freelancers from Malaysia on a mission to help you explore freelancing as a career, scale your freelancing skills and build a freelance business that makes you money.

It’s not an easy task, we know.

At Freelance Malaysia we’re focused on publishing blog posts, guides and tutorials to help people like you!

Our Mission

It can be extremely challenging to get your business in the right direction in this competitive world. That’s why we are here to support you with your freelancing journey. We are not talking about getting quick rich methods with freelancing here. It’s all about guiding you to enhance your freelance skills and do the work you love rather than relying on a 9-to-5 job.

Meet the Freelance Malaysia Team

Here’s the small group of experienced people that consistently working in Freelance Malaysia.

Naven Pillai

Naven Pillai is the founder of Freelance Malaysia. Naven Pillai is a freelance SEO consultant with 10 years of experience helping small and medium businesses grow online. He started Freelance Malaysia to help Malaysian freelancers to get the best guides and resources to amplify their freelancing skills and start a profitable freelance business.

Vikky Pillai
Content Manager

Vikky Pillai is the Content Manager at Freelance Malaysia. He is running his own freelance design agency. Apart from working on his business and Freelance Malaysia, you can find him playing futsal.

Cynthia Anne
Editor & Content Writer

Cynthia Anne is Freelance Malaysia’s Editor & Content Writer, keeping the blog section moving forward and publish the piece of content. From blog posts to tutorials, Cynthia has everything checked.